Brawl Stars update to add Brawl Pass, new brawler, skins, and more

The Brawl Pass will give players exciting rewards.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ latest Brawl Talk episode was released today and revealed upcoming features to the game. The update will add the brawl pass, a new brawler, and skins to the game.

Here are all the upcoming features to the game.

Brawl Pass

  • The brawl pass will be added to the game with the upcoming update. Its first season will be called Tara’s Blazer.
  • Players have to advance along the “track” to unlock a variety of rewards including boxes, gems, and cosmetics. 
  • There will be two variants of the pass: a free one, and a paid one.
  • The paid brawl pass will give a guaranteed brawler to the players. The guaranteed brawler’s rarity will be “chromatic.”
  • Earned tokens will now help players to advance along the brawl pass. There will also be additional missions to help players quickly advance through the track.

New Brawler, Gale

  • Gale is the newest brawler to come to the game. He is described as a “cranky old guy” and works as a janitor in Mr. Pea’s hotel.
  • His main attack shoots multiple snowballs in a wide path in front of him.
  • His super is the “Gayle Wind,” which blows enemies away.

New Skins

Four new skins will be coming to the game in the upcoming update:

  • Rogue Mortis
  • Guard Rico
  • Tropical Sprout
  • Barbarian King Bull

The “Barbarian King Bull” will be given for free to everyone to celebrate Supercell’s 10th anniversary. 

Other changes

  • A new feature for communication, Pins, will be coming to the game. These are basically emojis which can be used in chat.
  • Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, and Big Game have been condensed into two-minute matches and will offer 100 tokens as rewards. 
  • Hot Zone will be coming back to Brawl Stars on the day of the update. The mode has received some changes and will be available for about three weeks. 

The exact release date for the update has yet to be revealed.