Brawl Stars’ upcoming update will bring a new legendary Brawler, skins, and more

Meg will become the game's sixth legendary Brawler.

Screengrab via Supercell

A new update is coming to Brawl Stars soon. Supercell is adding a new legendary Brawler called Meg and several other new features in it. The upcoming features were revealed in a new episode of Brawl Talk, which debuted on YouTube earlier today. Here is everything that was revealed in the Brawl Talk.

New Brawler: Meg

Screengrab via Supercell
  • Meg will become Brawl Stars’ sixth legendary Brawler. She is a vending machine repair girl and the final member of Max and Surge’s trio.
  • She is a squishy Brawler and doesn’t have a lot of HP.
  • Meg uses a bolt gun for her main gun, which deals “little damage” from medium range.
  • On using her Super, Meg equips a vending machine repair bot. In this state, she fires eight projectiles quickly using dual-wielded laser cannons. These deal a lot of damage.
  • Additionally, her super button becomes a secondary attack that deals damage to all enemies in range.
  • In the super state, Meg gradually loses HP over time. On reaching zero, she returns to her initial state. Hence, Meg can’t be killed in her super state.


Gladiator Colette
  • It’s the new Supercell Make skin by Tracy and Beats.


Screengrab via Supercell
  • The V8-Bit will join the game with the Retropolis environment and skins. This will now be a seasonal affair that happens only once a year.
  • The skin can be unlocked for free through the Retropolis challenge which will happen in October.
  • Players who purchase all Retropolis skins will get some pins as well.

True Gold and True Silver skins

Screengrab via Supercell
  • Some more Gold and Silver skins will be added in this update.

Club Improvement Update

  • Improvements to the club are coming soon. Supercell has said that these changes will be announced later.
  • One of the improvements was revealed in the Brawl Talk today, however. The capacity of clubs will be decreased from 100 to 30.
  • Supercell is making these changes because it is bringing a “new way to play the game” which requires more active members in clubs.

Other updates

  • A skin randomizer is being added to Brawl Stars.
  • Pins will now be usable in the club chat.
  • Supercell is adding more animated pins in this update, which includes a Dark Lord Spike pin.
  • The Evil Queen Pam is getting new voice lines.
  • Some improvements for teaming up with friends are also being implemented.