Brawl Stars optional update makes several changes to the Quests UX and fixes a major bug

Navigating through quests will now be much easier.

Image via Supercell

Supercell released an optional update for Brawl Stars today that made several changes to the user-interface for quests.

The update also fixed the annoying bug which caused Brawler’s names and health to be missing during the battle.

Players are free to decide to not install the update, and doing so will have no effect on playing the game. These features will likely be permanently added to the game in the next update, which will bring a new Brawler.

That Brawler, Nani, will be coming out on June 6. Nani has a high skill cap and shoots three light orbs that move in different directions before converging to a point at the max range. The brawler’s super makes Nani take control of a “peep” which steers into battle and explodes on contact with an enemy. 

Here is the full list of changes in the optional update:

  • Quests have been split into daily, seasonal, and event.
  • Timers have been added to quests.
  • Quest icons in event selection have been changed to shortcut buttons to the quest log.
  • A quest filter button has been added to the Brawler menu. Players can filter the Brawlers with quests now.
  • Shortcut buttons have been added to the Brawl Pass to quickly navigate between rewards and milestones on the track.
  • Exclusive quests will now be highlighted for Premium Pass owners.
  • Exclusive quests have been moved to the end of the list for free pass players.
  • The gem counter is now visible in the Brawl Pass screen.
  • Notifications for quests becoming available have been added.