Brawl Stars 2020 World Championship Finals packs now available

"All the proceeds will go to our prize pool for the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020."

Image via Supercell

World Championship-themed items were added to the Brawl Stars’ shop last night, Supercell announced. All the proceeds from these packs will go into the 2020 World Finals’ prize pool.

The event will take place remotely on Nov. 21 and 22 and will crown a Brawl Stars world champion. The winning team will also take home a portion of the initial $500,000 prize pool. Thanks to the sale of these exclusive items, however, the prize pool could rise up to $1 million. The items will remain in the shop for eight days.

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Three exclusive Worlds items can be purchased in the store:

  • World Finals Pack: 5,000 coins and 170 gems for $10.99.
  • World Finals Skin: Challenger Colt for $5.49.
  • World Finals Pin Pack: Five trophy pins for $3.49.

In addition to supporting the esports scene of the mobile game, the World Finals Pack is an interesting deal for players who want to purchase coins and gems. Usually, for the same price, they only get 170 gems without the additional coins.

Coins are used to level up Brawlers when they reach enough skill points. While some players might think they have more than enough coins when they start the game, they become more precious when their favorite Brawlers reach higher levels because the number of coins required to upgrade them increases.

Meanwhile, players have seven days left to purchase Brawl-o-ween skins. The exclusive Halloween version of the Solo and Duo Showdown is also still available in the game mode rotation.