All teams qualified for the Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) 8 finals

The winner of the LBFF 8 will earn a spot at the FFWS 2022 in Bangkok.

Photo via LBFF

The Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) season eight finals are around the corner. After two months of group phase matches, the 12 best teams of the first league automatically qualified for the finals. Scheduled for Oct. 15, the grand finals will crown the winner of the season and the team who will represent Brazil in the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022. The international event will happen in November in Bangkok, Thailand.

The LBFF eight group phase had 28 rounds and only the top 12 teams could celebrate the spot in the grand finals. Therefore, based on the final scoreboard, these are the 12 teams qualified for the LBFF eight finals:

  • TSM FTX – 812 points and 15 Booyah!
  • Fluxo – 805 points and 15 Booyah!
  • LOUD – 773 points and 6 Booyah!
  • Vivo Keyd – 754 points and 12 Booyah!
  • Stars Horizon – 666 points and 3 Booyah!
  • Los Grandes – 664 points and 2 Booyah!
  • Angels – 650 points and 6 Booyah!
  • Magic Squad – 640 points and 6 Booyah!
  • GOD Unidas – 634 points and 6 Booyah!
  • Meta Gaming – 621 points and 7 Booyah!
  • Team Liquid – 616 points and 6 Booyah!
  • B4 – 590 points and 5 Booyah!

Most of the qualified teams are well-known faces in the LBFF first division, but some teams surprised fans by not earning their spot in the finals, including Corinthians, paiN Gaming, and BD Vasco. 

The MVP of this season’s group phase is Raone from TSM FTX with 129 kills in 72 matches. In second place in the kill ranking came Cauan from LOUD in 116 kills.

The 12 qualified teams will meet again on Oct. 15 at 11am CT to decide which squad will travel to Bangkok to represent Brazil in the FFWS 2022.