Why can’t I create a character in Lost Ark?

You shall not pass.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark finally opened its doors to the Western gaming world on Feb. 11. Players who previously purchased the Founder’s Pack started their journey three days before the official release date, however.

Early access players naturally chose the most populated servers to create their characters while streamer servers were already full. When the rest of the Lost Ark fans logged into the game, some of the servers were already crowded.

Despite servers working at full capacity, some players still decided to play the waiting game on the same server with their friends or favorite streams, creating long wait times. To ensure server stability, Amazon Games locked some of the servers.

What to do if you can’t create a character in Lost Ark

If you can’t create a character on a server, the chances are you’re trying to create your character on a locked server that is currently closed for new admissions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t play Lost Ark, though. You can easily create a new character on a less populated server. If you choose to make your character elsewhere but have friends on a populated server, know that you can’t move your character to another serverLost Ark doesn’t support changing servers, so you may want to progress slowly through the game and create another character when the most crowded servers get unlocked.

Alternatively, you can also ask your friends to switch characters and start playing on a less crowded server so all of you can enjoy the beauties of Lost Ark without waiting in the queue every time you want to log in.