Where to find Raw Island Garnets in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuaries

You will need some patience.

Image via Square Enix

Island Sanctuaries offer a lot of new activities for Final Fantasy XIV players since their introduction alongside Patch 6.2.

Although it’s a new feature, there is already a lot to discover through 10 ranks of progression. You’ll find more materials to collect using better tools, unlock more facilities to improve your hideaway, and much more.

But sometimes, it can be confusing to look for newly-unlocked materials because you’ll get no indication of where they are before finding them. And in the case of Raw Island Garnets, you won’t be able to find them by chance.

Here’s how to get them.

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Where to find Raw Island Garnets in Island Sanctuaries

You’ll first need Raw Island Garnets at rank eight as an ingredient required for renovations.

There is only one way to get them in Island Sanctuaries, and it’s not through collecting materials, so don’t bother looking for them in the wild.

This crafting ingredient can only be found using Granary expeditions. It’s the rare item that you can get from those done on beaches. To get the Raw Island Garnet, go to your Granary mammet in front of your main hideaway building, and send out a team. You’ll then be able to collect this item the following day.