When will the Final Day Extreme trial release in Final Fantasy XIV?

Be prepared to tank whole planets.

Screengrab via Square Enix

There are several types of high-end content in Final Fantasy XIV that suit the most competitive players in the game. The Extreme trials are one of them, and the latest expansion Endwalker brought two more in December 2021.

The Extreme version of the third and final trial from the Main Scenario has finally been added to the game.

Extreme trials are a more challenging version of Normal trials. They often replicate most of the trials’ basic mechanics but add more depth and complexity to them, while remaining easier to complete than Savage raids. This was the case for both of the first Extreme trials from Endwalker, and it’ll likely be the same for the final one.

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The completion of this trial should also include a new mount in reference to the boss, as is tradition with FFXIV Extreme trials. It’ll likely offer high-quality gear, too. Here is when to expect to test out this trial.

When will the Final Day Extreme trial come out?

The Final Day Extreme trial is called Endsinger’s Aria and was introduced alongside Patch 6.1 earlier today. Here is a guide on how to unlock it.

While it’s an Extreme trial in a similar way to both previous ones from Endwalker, it’s not located on the same tab, but can be found in the high-end duties instead of Regular ones. You can expect to face more of a challenge than in Hydaelyn’s Call and Zodiark’s Fall.