When does the Lost Ark closed beta start?

You'll get a week to play in November.

Image via Smilegate

Amazon and Smilegate’s upcoming MMO RPG Lost Ark might not officially release until next year, but players are going to get a chance to test out the game for about a week early next month.

Announced earlier this week, the closed beta for Lost Ark will begin on Nov. 4 at 11am CT. Players will then have about seven days to try out some new offerings by Smilegate, compared to an earlier alpha test. The closed beta will officially end on Nov. 12 at 1.59am CT.

The beta is invite only, but you can sign up for the opportunity to be a tester on the official Lost Ark website.

Along with signing up to be a tester, players can guarantee a spot in the closed beta by pre-ordering a Lost Ark Founder’s Pack. An announcement by the game’s developers also said that there will be giveaways for beta access as well.

Though Lost Ark was originally supposed to be launched for a western audience this year, the game was delayed. The game enters a highly saturated MMO genre that is led by World of Warcraft, however, and the release of Amazon’s New World and a surge by Final Fantasy XIV have made the marketplace significantly more competitive than it has been in the past.