What is the release date for FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary?

Island Sanctuaries seem like a huge content addition to the game.

Image via Square Enix

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV had a lot to be excited about in the Live Letter from the developers who detailed a lot of what’s coming in Patch 6.2, but one of the biggest content features coming to the patch is Island Sanctuaries.

The way the developers described Island Sanctuaries, it feels like a spinoff game instead of side content in FFXIV. The screenshot shared by Square Enix showed just how big the island is. The small area in the corner of the map was unblurred, and the developers pointed to a small dot, which is the size of a Roegadyn, giving players a feel of just how big the Island Sanctuary is.

Screengrab via Square Enix

When do Island Sanctuaries release in FFXIV?

Island Sanctuaries are set to release in Patch 6.25. Patch 6.2 has a launch date of late August, meaning the Island Sanctuary update will come sometime after that. According to their roadmap for patches, which was given during a different Live Letter, Patch 6.3 is set to come out in December 2022 or January 2023, meaning that Patch 6.25 will likely come somewhere in the middle if that timeline holds.

When Island Sanctuaries do release, it is likely that players will spend an abundance of time in them, considering there is so much to do. Players can gather resources, craft tools, build a home base, care for creatures and search for uniquely colored and rare ones, and have a place for their minions to roam.

Crop cultivation is also something that is done on the island, as well as having a new place to chill out with friends. Each player gets their own island for free and can begin to explore it once the patch drops. More details about the Island Sanctuaries will be revealed before the release of Patch 6.2 when the second part of the Live Letter is released, which will likely happen a few weeks before the patch goes live.