Square Enix may contact ISPs to curb FFXIV lag, packet loss issues

The developer is publicly addressing the issue following a growing number of cases.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix has publicly addressed growing lag and packet loss issues on Final Fantasy XIV, offering a highly-awaited reaction from the players who have been experiencing them for weeks. Those issues are plaguing global servers since the release of Patch 6.1 last month.

“We have not detected any issues on the development server. […] The network-related issues may be due to the network routing,” game director and producer Naoki Yoshida wrote.

To curb the issue, Square Enix is recommending players fix the issues individually by contacting their ISP if they are reporting issues with lag and pocket loss.

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Additionally, Square Enix urged players who have been frequently experiencing those issues since Patch 6.1 to contact its support team. It also provided a list of data to include and the methods to retrieve them.

The developer asked the players to provide traceroute results or information of their ISP, as well as various information on the time and circumstances when the issues were experienced to help the support staff fix the individual issues.

“Please note that we won’t be able to contact every ISP, but we’ll do our best to ask the providers to investigate the matter,” it added. “Even if we are unable to request an investigation from some of the ISPs from our end, the situation may be improved if players can provide this information to their ISP.”

Meanwhile, the players who are experiencing frequent connection issues might have to wait longer before seeing them fixed, as the developer has yet to discover a way to resolve them on its end.