New World team says they have no plans for mini-map but will allow third party add-on

But there are some rules to be followed.

Image via Amazon Studios

Since the first New World mini-map add-on surfaced, fans have been debating whether the game should include this tool, or if Amazon would allow it to be used. These questions were answered somewhat in the latest developer blog shared to the New World forum.

In this latest post, New World developer Lane shared that the team has no plans to implement a mini-map due to other “more pressing” matters, but were actively monitoring community discussion on the issue and could potentially change their stance in the future.

“We have other items we feel are more pressing,” Lane wrote. “The high level reasoning is that we have concerns with it meshing with New World’s action combat style and world design, that it could break immersion, may limit the drive for exploration, and there are technical limitations.”

The post explained that the team feels the current Compass system fulfills all player needs for direction. Situational awareness is something that the team claims to value in New World, and they fear that adding a mini-map could be a detriment, as well as deterring players from investigating and adventuring Aeternum organically.

Despite this, the team is going to be allowing players to take advantage of a third party mini-map add-on available via Overwolf. This is the most popular of the available add-ons in the game.

While this mod will be allowed, it does need to follow a set of rules, mainly so that it can’t give players any advantage over those using the Compass. Here is a list of rules that were detailed regarding this add-on.

The mini-map can:

  • Show player position
  • Show folks in group as New World does on compass
  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that players have unlocked via tradeskills within range of compass.
  • Show quests as they do on compass