New World reenables wealth transfers after nearly 36 hours, fixes gold duplication exploit

The Trading Post is good to go again.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games reenabled server transfers worldwide in New World earlier today after almost a day and a half of interruptions. Developers halted all forms of gold transfer on Nov. 1 due to an exploit that let players duplicate gold.

The maintenance started worldwide at 10pm CT, and servers gradually went back online with trading functions reenabled. Downtime was in line with Amazon Games’ three-hour estimate. All means of wealth transfer, including player-to-player trading and the Trading Post, are now working.

In the blog post announcing downtime for the issue, Amazon Games said it would offer “a make good” for players, though did not explain what it would be. Based on the wording of the comment, however, this measure could be applicable to companies that own territories and fell behind on their taxes or players who can’t afford their property taxes.

Developers first disabled wealth transfers in New World on Nov. 1 due to a gold duplication exploit. The outage included the company treasury, the trading post, the option to give gold directly to a player, and all forms of player-to-player trade. Developers updated fans at the 24-hour mark, saying the team was “zeroing in” on a fix.

After Amazon Games announced maintenance for the issue, developers explained that the duplication exploit was “an edge case with very high packet loss” the team didn’t encounter during testing. Developers also banned people who abused the exploit.