New World trading and gold transfer still disabled after 24 hours

The Trading Post is just a decoration now.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Games suspended all player wealth transfers in New World yesterday due to an exploit that let players duplicate gold. After 24 hours of interruptions, the developers are “still zeroing in on a fix” for the exploit, according to an official post.

The statement doesn’t offer a concrete ETA to resume trading functions. A community manager only said the team was working on a fix to the exploit that forced developers to disable wealth transfer in the first place and that the solution will go live “as soon as we complete our testing.” It’s unclear how long this can take, however.

Amazon Games disabled “all forms of wealth transfer between players” yesterday afternoon due to a critical exploit that let players duplicate gold. As a result, the Trading Post has been rendered essentially useless and players can’t trade gold or items with their peers. The option to send gold and the company treasury are also out of commission.

In addition, the devs made it clear that players who took advantage of the exploit would receive sanctions on their accounts, likely resulting in bans.

The exploit was brought to the developers’ attention through a now-hidden post on the New World forums explaining how to replicate and take advantage of it, which aimed to raise awareness of the issue.

This is hardly New World’s first major issue since the game’s full-fledged launch in late September. Maintenance for the game’s first patch was scheduled to last four hours worldwide, but it took close to eight hours until all worlds were back online.