New World disables all forms of wealth transfer for second time in 2 weeks

The trading post is basically a decoration now.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Game Studios has disabled all forms of wealth transfers in New World for the second time in as many weeks due to a possible duplication exploit. This includes the trading post, company treasuries, all forms of player-to-player trading, and the option to give gold to fellow players.

Amazon Game Studios said it was “aware of a possible duplication exploit” that appeared on the forums and that the team would disable “all forms of wealth transfer” while they look into it.

The possible duplication glitch reportedly allows players to double their trophies—expensive, endgame items that cost thousands of gold throughout Aeternum. The announcement says Amazon will take action against players who abused the glitch.

The developers also disabled wealth transfers on Nov. 1 after players reported a duplication exploit that allowed them to duplicate gold and items. It took nearly 36 hours until players could trade again. Today’s official announcement doesn’t estimate when players can trade again, but the team will update players on the New World forums after they’re ready to turn on wealth transfer.

Players have received warnings after trying out the trading post in New World since the announcement went live. At time of writing, the character select screen doesn’t show any notices about the outages—as is customary for maintenance or severe interruptions.

Trying to sell an item in the trading post returns a nondescript warning about requests being “tethered” and timing out. The game only says that trading is canceled after players try to purchase items from the trading post.

The outage has drastic consequences for players in New World. Stopping trades means players won’t get to sell their goods or acquire armor from other adventurers. Archers and musket users will have no choice but to craft their own ammo while trading is down, which can be inconvenient. Though supplies for arrows are fairly simple, crafting Gunpowder requires musket players to have Saltpeter on hand, so they’ll have to scavenge the resource through Aeternum if they run out of cartridges.

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