Lost Ark ‘Under the Arkesian Sun’ update brings back Event Guardians, adds new Pet Ranch, and cosmetics

The August Update features new events, festivals, skins, and pets.

Image via Smilegate

As the Lost Ark August Update “Under the Arkesian Sun” releases today, many players are excited about the new content being added to the game. The biggest highlight is definitely the addition of Pet Ranch in the Stronghold.

Players can use the Pet Ranch to cultivate their pets into helpful companions that aid them in adventures across Arkesia. Pets can be upgraded to Legendary by maxing out their Pet Expertise and spending Pet Growth Tokens. Legendary Pets unlock a random powerful skill and its effects will be applied to the player while they are in combat.

The update also brings Event Guardians back to Arkesia. Players need to be Combat Level 50 or Item Level 250 and above to participate in this event raid. They will be up against three Guardians, fighting them solo or in a group. 

By defeating all three Guardians, players can claim daily tokens from the rewards chest. These can be exchanged at an event vendor for various valuable rewards.

A new activity called “Blooming Mokokos” will be added to the ongoing Maharaka festival. It will take place every other hour in Maharaka Paradise and players will receive gold by finding these blooming Mokokos.

Apart from these events and features, the store will also be updated with new skins, pets, and decorations. Here is a list of them.

  • Wingsuit Armor and Neon Weapon Skins
  • Wingsuit Bike Selection Chest
  • Spring Dream Weapons
  • Shiba Inu Pet
  • Racetrack Stronghold Decorations

The Wingsuit Armor and Neon Weapon Skins, Wingsuit Bike Selection Chest, Spring Dream Weapons, and Shiba Inu Pet will only be available until Sept. 28.

There are plenty more general updates and bug fixes coming to the game. You can check the details by going through the official patch notes here.

All of these additions will be available when downtime ends later today.