How to use the Pet Ranch in Lost Ark

The feature will be introduced next week.

Image via Smilegate

A new feature is coming to Lost Ark‘s Stronghold amateurs. On Aug. 24, the Pet Ranch will join the game, offering new activities to players.

In a blog post, the developer has given all the details on how it will function once it’s introduced to the game. Here is how to use the Pet Ranch in Lost Ark.

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How to use the Pet Ranch in Lost Ark

First of all, players have to upgrade their Stronghold to level 15 to unlock the Pet Ranch, as well as enable the cave and farm.

If that’s not done already, you can prepare your Stronghold for the feature by dispatching crews, research articles in the Lab, and farm items, taking advantage of the daily and weekly resets.

Once those conditions are met, the Butler Adeline will offer to complete the quest to open the area. At least one pet must be owned. Since players unlock their first one after completing the tutorial for each character, this condition shouldn’t be an issue.

Placing the pets

Pets can be put in the Ranch and either rest or farm Cookies by speaking to the Dispatched Chromarong. This is the main resource used for pretty much every feature of the Pet Ranch. Pets have a certain amount of energy, called morale, and will need to rest after farming Cookies.

To choose to make them either rest or farm, players can switch them in two locations: the Ranch, where they rest, and the Cookie Workshop. It’s unclear if players will have a time limit to switch the pets back to one location.

Upgrading pets

Cookies can be used to buy Potions that will grant pets various boosts. They also earn Expertise while farming Cookies, gaining more levels and combat abilities, such as regenerating HP and shields. The upgrades can be managed by speaking to the Working Achatemeow.

Here are the Potions mentioned in the blog post, traded by speaking to the Totocookie vendor:

  • Vitameow: Grants vitality and recovers 10 percent of a pet’s morale. Traded by speaking to Minky, Protector of Pets.
  • Arcane Battery: Booster that grants three extra Jam cookies every 10 minutes.
  • Pet Expertise Potion: Increases Pet Expertise.
  • Pet Customization Potion: Unlocks the customization feature.
  • Pet Growth Token: Upgrade booster.

It’s still unclear if the feature can be upgraded in the Stronghold. This article will be updated when the Pet Ranches are introduced to the game.