Is there a Gender Lock in Lost Ark? How to change your gender

The character creation is pretty quick.

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Lost Ark is an MMO game that offers a lot of different things for the players to enjoy. Character creation’s personalization, however, isn’t one of its most developed aspects.

The players only have a few steps to go through to create their character and upon choosing their main class, they will be shown a character model adjusted for it.

But if you are looking for a dedicated button to change your character’s gender or body type, you will be disappointed. Here is how the character creation is handled on Lost Ark.

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Is there a Gender Lock in Lost Ark? How to change your gender

In the MMO’s character creation, there isn’t any button to change either the gender or body type. What you can personalize is the face and skin color of the new character, as well as a few other parameters.

If you want to play a male or female character specifically, you’ll have to watch the class previews on the official website to see which options are offered to you instead.

There are male and female subclasses in the Martial Artist and Gunner categories. But there are only male Warrior classes, as well as female Mage and Assassin classes. Here is a detailed list.

While all classes are gender-locked in Lost Ark since its launch, whether it’s on the Western or original versions, the developer has revealed working to introduce “more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked” in the future.

It will start with a female Warrior subclass, but a release window has yet to be revealed. The class will be first introduced in the original version, before joining the Western one.