Which classes are gender-locked in Lost Ark?

Several classes are gender-locked, so be careful when creating your character.

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Character creation is crucial when beginning your journey in Lost Ark. Once you create a character, it’ll cost you to change your appearance or class.

The very first step of character creation will be to choose your class. There are five in the game, but some are gender-locked, so you’ll discover after choosing it that you won’t be able to play as a female or male character, depending on the class.

If you want a specific gender for your playable character, here are the gender-locked classes in Lost Ark.

Which classes are gender-locked?

There are five classes and fifteen advanced classes in the game, and most of them are only available for one gender.

The Martial Artist and Gunner classes are the only ones in the game that aren’t locked to gender, so you’ll be free to create either a male or female character when choosing these classes.

On the other hand, the Mage and Assassin classes are only available for female characters, and Warrior is only available for male characters.

Upon reaching level 10, however, players will then be able to choose from several advanced classes for their character, and some of them will be gender-locked.

The Martial Artist has one male advanced class, the Striker, and the rest are female-locked. The Gunner has one female-locked advanced class, the Gunslinger, and the others are locked to male. For Mage, Assassin, and Warrior advanced classes, the gender-lock won’t change.

While this can be frustrating for players who care about the gender and appearance of their character, the developer has revealed that it’s working to create “more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked” in the future. It’s unclear this will happen, however.


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