How to unlock the Super Express Missions in Lost Ark

Earn more rewards faster.

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The latest major patch in April brought tons of fresh content to Lost Ark following its Western release. Players will be able to discover a new continent, the new subclass Glaivier, and more.

But the developer isn’t just working on new content to keep the game fresh. One of its priorities is horizontal progression, as stated in the game’s roadmap. The way up to the max level gear is incredibly tedious, so players have been asking for ways to speed up the process for a while. To do this, the developer promised to release more events giving upgrade rewards, and the Super Express Missions is one of them.

Launched with the patch, the event offers a new way for players to hone their gear faster after reaching level 50. It’s time-limited, however, so it will disappear on June 30. Here is how to unlock and complete those missions.

How to unlock the Super Express Missions

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If you have a character who has reached level 50, but hasn’t surpassed the 1,000 item level, you’ll see a window appear upon logging in that will prompt you to choose the character you want for the missions with the text “Please select a character to participate.”

You’ll see the list of your characters and you’ll only have to click on the character you wish to complete those special missions. If you’re hesitating, you can also select the “Event Information” button to help you make your decision.

Be careful, though: your decision will be definitive. The Super Express Missions can only be completed by one character per roster.

Upon accepting, you’ll see the list of missions and rewards to get. The missions are divided into four sets of challenges, for both Tier One and Tier Two continents (North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton).

Screengrab via Smilegate

If you can’t seem to find this window again after closing it, you’ll be able to open it again by pressing the glowing present button at the bottom of your minimap.