How to trade Unsung tokens for 580 Limbo gear in Final Fantasy XIV

You can earn up to four tokens per week.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV fans can prepare for a new lengthy grind in the latest expansion Endwalker for the new gear released alongside the Pandaemonium raids with patch 6.01 earlier today.

Players can earn up to one Unsung gear token per raid, totaling four tokens. The last raid, The Fourth Circle, also rewards one guaranteed blade that can be traded for Discal Tomestones when the Tomestones of Astronomy will be introduced in two weeks.

The gear rewarded boasts the strongest item level currently available in the game, which will be crucial for competitive players eager to test out the Savage raids as soon as they’ll release in January.

Here is how to trade those tokens for Limbo gear in FFXIV.

How to trade Unsung gear tokens in FFXIV‘s Endwalker?

There are two places where players can trade their hard-earned tokens: Radz-at-Han, by speaking to Djole at X: 10.3, Y: 9.6 in the Bazaar, and in Labyrinthos to Mylenie at X: 8.3, Y: 27.6, near the Aporia Aetheryte.

Here are the numbers of tokens required for each gear piece:

  • Head: two tokens
  • Body: four tokens
  • Hands: two tokens
  • Legs: four tokens
  • Feet: two tokens
  • Accessories: one token each

You’ll have to choose your four tokens wisely each week, because you won’t be able to earn a full set before the Savage raids release next month. The cap of tokens will reset every Tuesday, at 2am CT.