New Pandaemonium raid introduced with update 6.01 and more, the patch notes

The update is also introducing more minions and gear items.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Square Enix is dropping patch 6.01 today after a several-hour maintenance, which contains the first raid from the latest expansion, Endwalker.

Raids will be introduced throughout the expansion, unveiling a story in conjunction with the main scenario. The patch notes revealed how to unlock the raid and detailed its rewards, and teased more content that will be introduced with patch 6.05 later in January.

Image via Square Enix

Five Chronicles from a New Era quests were added and will be available for players who completed all the main scenario quests from Endwalker. They will introduce the new raid, Pandæmonium: Asphodelos.

The first quest, The Crystal from Beyond, is in Old Sharlayan, at X: 9.6, Y: 11.9 by speaking to the NPC called Nemjiji. The average item level required to enter the raid will be similar to Extreme trials, 565.

The raid gives tokens that can be traded for gear, so every player has the same chance of earning their job’s gear by completing the raid.

The tokens will be available to trade in Labyrinthos and Radz-at-Han. It will also reward players with blades to get Tomestones of Astronomy when they become available two weeks from now.

Players will have to wait a bit longer, however, to test out its Savage version. It’ll be released in patch 6.05, scheduled for January, 2022.

Image via Square Enix

Lastly, patch 6.01 is introducing new orchestrion rolls, triple triad cards in the Manderville Gold Saucer, minions and gear items.

Numerous issues are also going to be fixed, including an often reported bug that made NPC not take changes in elevation into account and somehow fly when accompanying the Warrior of Light.

The maintenance of every server is scheduled to end at 4am CT.

Update Dec. 21 2:52am CT: The maintenance is now over.