When does Asphodelos Savage raid release in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker?

It's not coming this year.

Image via Square Enix

Each new Final Fantasy XIV expansion offers content for all kinds of players, whether it’s more leveling, crafting, story, or high-end content. A FFXIV staple is Savage raids, and new ones will be introduced during Endwalker.

This new line of raids will be called Pandæmonium, and the first one is named Asphodelos. If it follows the same format of Shadowbringers‘ line of raids, Eden, it should consist of 12 duties that will be introduced throughout this expansion’s cycle.

Square Enix didn’t reveal much about those raids, except characters who will be in the spotlight. Lahabrea was teased during the expansion’s reveal showcase last February with the raid’s logo, and Elidibus’ central role was confirmed in Endwalker‘s post-scene. They are two Ascians the Warrior of Lights faced off against in the previous expansions.

When does Asphodelos Savage raid release in FFXIV‘s Endwalker?

Although most competitive players are eagerly waiting for Savage content, they will have to wait a little more since its update was delayed alongside the expansion’s release date.

The Pandæmonium: Asphodelos (Savage) raid will be released in patch 6.05, scheduled for Jan. 4, 2022. It will also bring a new kind of Allagan tomestones to farm, which will likely have a weekly cap, as well as new crafting recipes and a new treasure hunt dungeon called Excitatron 6000.

Despite server congestion and technical difficulties that were caused by the expansion’s release, the developer has assured the patch is still slated to release at the scheduled date earlier today.


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