How to get the Blessing of the Jade Empress in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

The Jade Empress will bless you, but only if you run some errands first.

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Many players are getting through the story of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, and at the end of it, players are presented with a recipe to start crafting their first End of Dragons Legendary weapon.

For those who prepared for their Legendary journey by obtaining a Fragment of Prismatic Light, they’ll start one step ahead of everyone else with a Precursor in hand just minutes after entering Seitung Province.

Players who didn’t have time to complete the collection to get the Fragment of Prismatic Light will have to craft the Precursor, which will take some time, effort, and gold to achieve. The recipes for each Precursor can be found by the Crystal Cave in Seitung Province. Right by the entrance to Aurene’s Cave is Leivas, who sells the Legendary Crafting items.

How to get the Blessing of the Jade Empress

For many of the weapons, you’ll need a Blessing of the Jade Empress to craft the Precursor. The hint on the item tells players that it can be purchased from the Keepers of the Jade Vault. Head to the Monestary Waypoint by the Shing Jea Monastery and look for the red scroll symbol on the map. There, players will find Myung-Hee, who will ask you to bring her several jade statuettes to unlock her as a vendor.

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To get the statuettes, you’ll need to participate in each of the four maps’ meta events. Use the LFG function to find maps that are actively doing the meta for a better chance at the statuette. Alternatively, you can buy the statuettes off of the Black Lion Trading Post, but the statuette for the Dragon’s End meta event will cost a lot more than the others due to the difficulty of the event.

Myung-Hee will give you a bounty for each of the statuettes you give her, but she’ll only be unlocked as a vendor after you bring her all four statuettes. The collection houses eight individual objectives, but those objectives are to obtain each of the four statuettes, and then the other four objectives are unlocked after you turn in each statuette.

After that, you’ll be able to buy the item you need for crafting your Legendary Aurene Weapon, along with anything else the vendor sells.