Final Fantasy XIV ‘sells out’ of digital copies following Asmongold bump

There's a "waiting list" in the Square Enix store.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Final Fantasy XIV has been gaining so much steam in the past few weeks that even its digital product is backlogged in its publisher’s store.

The Final Fantasy XIV online “complete edition” download is unavailable to be purchased on Square Enix’s official website. First reported by Reddit users earlier today, the Square Enix store is now only allowing players to join a “waiting list” if they’d like to buy FFXIV.

The massive influx of players on FFXIV has come shortly after Twitch’s top MMO streamer Asmongold started playing the game.

For years, Asmongold, who primarily plays World of Warcraft, refused to play the game. But when he finally caved and decided to give it a try, he quickly started posting his best viewership figures in the past year.

During his first stream playing FFXIV, Asmon peaked at more than 200,000 viewers on July 3. And since then, he’s recorded more hours watched playing FFXIV than WoW with a significantly higher number of average concurrent viewers.

Along with Asmongold, other top streamers of the game in the past two weeks have been Asmongold’s friend Rich Campbell, CohhCarnage, and WoW streamer AnnieFuchsia.

While you can’t buy the complete bundle on the official Square Enix store for PC, you can purchase the digital download for Mac. 

Additionally, you can still purchase the FFXIV bundle for your PC from Steam, GameStop, and through the PlayStation Store.

Since you can add the digital product to your cart on so many other online retailers, it appears as though the lack of “stock” from Square Enix could be an issue with the publisher’s online store.