Can you unlock Punika’s Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

It's not looking good.

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In Lost Ark, players are stuck with their class choice since it’s not possible to change the class of a character after creation. But there’s more to it: The developer encourages the creation of alternate characters, and leveling them up will often help players through their journey with their main character.

There are many ways to speed up the process of leveling up your alternate character and unlocking content for them, such as the Roster levels and free Powerpasses. Knowledge Transfer is also one to consider.

Knowledge Transfer enables a character to skip all main quests from a region. It can save you precious hours of the game at the cost of some gold, especially for the regions following North Vern since you won’t need to level up to unlock their content.

The functionality is only available for a specific number of characters, as others will have to complete the story again to unlock the transfer for the next character.

When players complete Punika’s main story, they might be confused when the region doesn’t appear in the Knowledge Transfer function. Here is why:

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Can you unlock Punika’s Knowledge Transfer?

At the time of writing, the Knowledge Transfer isn’t available for Punika. The reason is that it’s the last region available in Lost Ark. In the Korean version of the game, the last region doesn’t feature Knowledge Transfer.

If the Western version is to follow the same path, Punika’s Knowledge Transfer won’t be available until another region is released. The next region that is set to be introduced into the game is South Vern, but it’s still unclear when it’s planned.

The region was supposed to be introduced this month according to the leaked roadmap, but the developer hasn’t confirmed it and has hinted at delaying the next updates to match the average players’ progression speed in the game. This means if you want one alternate character to speed up your main character’s progression through Tier Three, you might be forced to complete Punika’s main quest normally.