What are roster levels in Lost Ark?

There are different levels to pay attention to while traversing the world of Arkesia.

Image via Smilegate

While exploring the world in Lost Ark, most will be focused on leveling up their characters to the game’s cap, level 50. Whether they are discovering new locations, taking down dangerous monsters, or completing numerous amounts of varying quests, players will be rewarded for their efforts with experience points.

But as you garner more experience, both your individual character’s level and your whole roster’s level will increase. A ton of content is locked behind reaching the maximum level and avid players will be looking to reach this limit as soon as possible to start gaining endgame gear.

Screengrab via Smilegate

Roster levels are different from specific character levels, however. As your roster level increases, all characters connected to that specific account get special perks, including stat buffs. At specific levels, players will also get special rewards like Crystal chests, wallpapers, Phoenix Plumes, potions, and more.

These roster level rewards can be acquired by clicking on the roster icon at the bottom of the screen and then selecting “Roster Information”. Players don’t need to do anything specific to increase their roster level, since it moves up whenever you progress in the game.

You can check your roster level by clicking the purple bar at the bottom left of the Lost Ark screen to see how far you have until the next rank. The maximum roster level available right now is 250.