Can you sprint in New World?

What's the rush?

Image via Amazon Games

Upon entering the new world of New World, Amazon Studios’ new MMO project, a big world full of enemies, players, and mystery will open up to you. Players participating in the New World closed beta are experiencing that for themselves already, travelling around Aeternum, slaying enemies, upgrading their combat skills, and crafting all the way.

But a big open world means a lot of travel by foot to reach objectives, enemies, and landmarks. So this begs the question, can you sprint in New World?

Can you sprint in New World?

Surprisingly, you cannot sprint in New World. The Shift button, popularly used as a sprint button in other games, instead makes your character roll away from an attacking enemy.

While there’s no sprint, players can auto-run with the default assigned to the ‘=’ key that will automatically move your character forward and mantle over obstacles. You can walk by holding down the left Control key, or you can assign a Run/Walk toggle key in the Key Binding section of settings.

The game is still in the closed beta, so maybe a universal sprint control will be added later, or potentially it’s something players can unlock as an ability.