All environments in New World

There's plenty of variety to get the game started.

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The world of Aeternum will feel very new for a lot of players—and it comes with plenty of unique environments that have their own stories and challenges for players to engage with.

Later this month, Amazon’s entry into the MMO genre New World will enter its final beta stage before its August 2021 release. While players have had opportunities in the past to get hands-on experience with the game, things have changed massively in the game.

While these locations are the largest named environments, there are also plenty of territories elsewhere where players can establish settlements and attempt to maintain control of. We’ll be breaking down each of the environments you’ll be able to check out in New World on launch.

Here are all the named environments that you’ll find in New World.

All environments in New World


The area of Reekwater within Aeternum is the game’s most aquatic area, set at the docks by the ocean. With its roots built upon an ancient residential district, Reekwater has since become a rundown fishing village inhabited by the Siren Queen and her Flotilla, who have since captured and enslaved its original settlers.


When you begin venturing through the game, Windsward is one of the first environments you’ll encounter. The farmland is full of resources that travelers can collect for their journey. There are quite a few settlements within for players to visit and take advantage of their features. The region also boasts mysterious temples with powerful enemies for players to battle against.


Mourningdale is one of the most ancient areas in Aeternum with plenty of treasures for adventurers to unearth along their way. A variety of settlements and ancient locations are where mysterious enemies and items can be found. This area boasts some of the most impressive stone structures in the game.


One of the lushest and most vibrant environments in the game, Edengrove has few outposts, making the area suited for those of a higher level who can hold their own in the wilderness. Along with the colorful locations are some magnificent stone structures that players will travel between while exploring the area.

Ebonscale Reach

New World
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Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing environment in the game, Ebonscale Reach is home to magnificent waterfalls, luscious plant life, and huge cliffs. Located in the northwest area of the map, Ebonscale Reach is home to the exiled Empress Tai Ying, who’s building an army of corrupted forces to reclaim her lineage and claim to the throne.

Shattered Mountain

Intended for higher-level players, Shattered Mountain is likely the final environment players will encounter. The mountain range is riddled with corruption, making it a perfect home for the legions of the corrupted.