All new craftable items in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1

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Image via Square Enix

While most players are focused on progressing through the new Main Scenario Quests added in Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, the crafting enthusiasts are getting some more content to discover, too.

In addition to new quests, a 24-player Alliance Raid, an Extreme and an Unreal Trial, Patch 6.1 introduced new craftable items, from gear to cute outfits players will want to buy in the Market Board—for a hefty price. Here are all the new craftable items added with Patch 6.1 in FFXIV.

All new craftable items

A week following the introduction of Patch 6.1, the developer has updated the notes to include all new items and recipes. Here are the complete patch notes, and here is the list of main recipes added:

  • Varsity set (items from treasure area Excitatron 6000)
  • Pactmaker’s set
  • Byregotia jewelry
  • Endsinger’s Aria Extreme Trial recipes
  • New Outdoor Housing element recipes
  • New Furniture recipes for Housing
  • New Disciple of the Land and Hand tools
  • Susano’s Rapturous weapon set
  • Three new cooking recipes