All elite specializations in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

There are nine in total.

Image via Arenanet

Guild Wars 2‘s upcoming expansion, End of Dragons, is set to introduce nine new elite specializations in total when it releases in February 2022, and testing for them will span the rest of the fall. 

While we don’t yet know all of the new elite specialization that will be in the game, the first three were revealed and tested in a beta session that ran from Aug. 17 to 21. 

The beta introduced willbender for the guardian profession, harbinger for necromancers, and virtuoso for mesmer.

The remaining six new elite specializations will be introduced three at a time prior to the next two beta sessions that will come Sept. 21 to 25 and Oct. 26 to 30.

Harbinger (necromancer)

This spec takes a fairly liberal take on what it means to be a necromancer with a “fast-paced, frenetic combat style,” according to a press release. The spec mixes elixir-related skills and abilities with a western-style outlaw feel that is best exemplified by the way they use pistols to shoot poisonous bullets at enemies.

Willbender (guardian)

The willbender differs from other guardians through the use of an off-hand sword to create dual-wielding action. The spec is advertised by Guild Wars as being a “highly aggressive damage dealer” good for “bursting down” enemies. The intent of the spec is to highlight more of the guardian’s positive qualities as a protector rather than as a defensive character.

Virtuoso (Mesmer)

Mesmer’s are known to be a class of trickery and deception with illusions, but the new spec virtuoso was created to target enemies that may not be so easily confused. This spec uses enchanted blades that can be summoned to deal damage through telekinetic powers that will combine deceptive elements of the mesmer class with more powerful attacks as well.

The remaining elite specializations will be added to this article as they are released over the course of the next two months.