How to tame a Fox in Minecraft

Now you'll just need a chicken and a sack of grain.

Image via Mojang

It’s relatively hard to run out of action in Minecraft. From building empires to taming wild animals, there’s always something you can do in the game, especially if you’re with friends.

Unless you disable mob spawning, you’ll be sharing the land with other creatures. These creatures are called mobs and can be hostile, while others can be tamed. Foxes in Minecraft stand out from a distance due to their bright orange color.

If you’re familiar with taming other animals like AxolotlsAllays, or Frogs, you may get surprised when you can’t tame a Fox with usual methods. Foxes you find on the map will be wild, and wild Foxes can’t be tamed in Minecraft.

How do you tame a Fox in Minecraft?

You’ll need to feed sweet berries to Foxes to tame them. You’ll need to feed two Foxes, however, since you’ll need to breed them. This is the only way to make a Fox trust you since adult Foxes can’t be tamed.

You’ll need to approach Foxes while crouching since they’ll run away from you otherwise. The two Foxes you need will also be need to in close perimeters so you should consider trapping them while they’re asleep.

The newborn Fox will be loyal to you, but it’ll also want to hang out with its parents if they’re in close parameters. If you’d like to avoid losing your Fox, you’ll need to attach a lead to it and move it away from other Foxes.

Do tamed Foxes follow you in Minecraft?

Tamed Foxes won’t follow you in Minecraft. They’ll be inclined to stick to their kind, and you’ll need a lead to move them around.

Tamed Foxes won’t run away from you, and you can make them sit by interacting with them while holding no items. Foxes will sit down and stay in the current place until you interact with them again.