How to find a pillager outpost in Minecraft

Save the Allays and iron golems immediately.

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There are many structures in Minecraft that players will stumble upon while out exploring the world. One of the more dangerous ones is pillager outposts, which host a group of pillagers ready to fight players on sight.

Pillagers are types of Illagers who seek to harm both players and villagers. One of the locations they can regularly be found in is their four-story outposts. The surrounding area around the central tower is scattered with smaller structures like tents and cages where pillagers can also be found lurking.

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All pillager outposts may also contain friendly creatures trapped within the surrounding cages. The only mob that used to be found in the cages at pillager outposts was iron golems but as of Minecraft’s Wild Update, which launches on June 7, pillager outposts can now also be home to the precious Ally mob.

Whether you’re looking to start a fight, hoping to gain a flying friend, wanting to initiate a raid the next time you enter a village, or simply seeking loot here is a complete breakdown of how to locate a pillager outpost.

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Where to find a pillager outpost in Minecraft

Pillager outposts are regarded as semi-rare structures in Minecraft. They aren’t as hard to find as very rare structures, such as woodland mansions, but are significantly less common than common structures, such as villages. These structures can be found in a variety of biomes but do not appear throughout every biome in Minecraft. The types of biomes that pillager outposts can be found in are as follows.

  • Desert
  • Savanna
  • Plains and all Plains variations
  • Taiga
  • Meadow
  • All Peaks (or top of mountain) biomes
  • Grove
  • Snowy Slopes
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Any biome that may house a village can also be home to a pillager outpost but pillager outposts can also spawn in a few biomes where villages cannot such as the Peaks and Grove biomes. Pillager outposts generally generate somewhere in between every hundred and every few thousand blocks.

Players who aren’t having luck finding a pillager outpost in their explorations can instead use the “/locate” command to instantly find the nearest pillager outpost. After opening chat by pressing T, players should then type “/locate structure minecraft:pillager_outpost” to pinpoint the nearest pillager outpost to their current location.

Clicking on the coordinates will take players there instantly or players can find their way to the outpost by opening the debug menu and tracking their way using coordinates.