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Madden NFL 24 guide: How to taunt in Madden 24

Celebration, taunting, showboating, whatever you want to call it—here's how to do it.

What is competition without a little bit of taunting? That’s probably what the developers of Madden NFL 24 said right before implementing a vast showboating system in the game. The number of ways you can taunt the opposing team in Madden 24 shouldn’t scare you, though, because executing a taunt in Madden 24 isn’t all that difficult.

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The only prerequisite for performing a taunt is having the ball in your possession. You can taunt after a catch, while rushing, after an interception, or any other scenario you can think of where your player has the ball in his hands during an active play. The player carrying the ball will then perform a randomized celebration. There are plenty of those to go around, so it will take a while before you start getting bored of showing off, if such a thing is even possible.

You should be careful before showboating, though, as it could easily result in a fumble that will probably frustrate you way more than your taunt would have affected the opposition—especially if you’re playing against the AI, for obvious reasons. In general, you should only taunt when there aren’t enemy players near you.

Follow these steps to taunt in Madden 24

Once you meet the criteria of carrying the ball on your person, all that’s left to do is execute the three-button combination that will make your opponent saltier than the Dead Sea.

Here’s what you need to do to perform a taunt in Madden NFL 24:

  • On PC press and hold L Shift, L Ctrl, and Space
  • On PlayStation press and hold R2, L2, and X
  • On Xbox press and hold RT, LT, and A

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You can also add an extra layer to your celebrations when they result in a touchdown. By releasing the buttons right as your player is about to cross the goal line, he will perform an additional unique animation that cannot be triggered in any other way.

You can always check how to perform a taunt or any other Madden 24 controls by going to Settings and then Game Controls. How to perform a taunt is specifically explained in the Ballcarrier section under the name Celebration. You’ll need a little more than just knowing the control settings to throw the perfect lob pass, but knowing the controls is a good start regardless.

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