Riot confirms Legends of Runeterra nerf to The Harrowing wasn’t a bug

The changes that were made are here to stay, for now.

Changes made are here to stay, for now.
Image via Riot Games League of Legends

The Shadow Isles region in Legends of Runeterra took another hit with a nerf to The Harrowing.

Riot Games told Dot Esports today that the alleged bug to The Harrowing that appeared in LoR Patch 0.9.2 isn’t a bug. The developer said that the nerf to The Harrowing was originally scheduled for Patch 0.9.4 but it accidentally went active early.

Rather than making adjustments, the team has decided to leave the spell alone until the upcoming LoR Patch 0.9.3, at which point the text on The Harrowing will get reworded to match its adjusted functionality. 

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  • Old text: Revive the six strongest units that died this game and grant them Ephemeral.
  • Alleged new text: Revive the strongest allied units that died this game and grant them Ephemeral. 

The Harrowing was a spell that was splashed in many SI builds due to its overpowering ability, especially on an attack turn. Adjusting the text limits the spell’s use outside of its designed archetype, specifically Ephemeral and sacrificial. When paired with Glimpse Beyond, “Kill an ally and draw two,” The Harrowing can still provide a powerful late-game boost if played correctly. 

An official update to The Harrowing will occur within the next LoR patch that’s scheduled to take place on March 31. Patch 0.9.3 will also contain several major changes to the progression and monetization system. Any additional buffs or nerfs will take place in LoR Patch 0.9.4.