Legends of Runeterra spoilers for Call of the Mountain begin tomorrow

Get ready for two weeks of spoilers.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games introduced its newest Legends of Runeterra set, Call of the Mountain, today. And card reveals for it will start dropping tomorrow, Riot Games announced. 

Introducing a three-part expansion release format for each set in LoR, Call of the Mountain drops will take place in August, October, and December. The first release goes live on Aug. 26, featuring the Targon region with seven new champions and 82 other cards. Spoilers for that release start on Aug. 11, according to senior LoR writer DyQuill

The spoiler season for Rising Tides may be the same for Call of the Mountain. In the weeks leading up to the previous set, champions were revealed every few days, along with their support cards. A number of Tales of Runeterra videos were also released, in addition to champion videos detailing gameplay. 

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With the LoR Call of the Mountain spoilers beginning Aug. 11, this leaves two weeks for a full reveal of the first expansion prior to notes for Patch 1.8. There are seven champions included in the first expansion, meaning spoilers for them should be released every couple of days. 

Players can expect new mechanics that support the themes of the Targon region with the Aug. 26 release. The other two scheduled releases will contain “a mix of new themes, new mechanics, and evolutions of strategies you encountered in the first expansion,” according to the LoR team.

It’s unknown at this time how many of the new champions and other cards will be applied to Targon and the other LoR regions with the first expansion release of Call of the Mountain. Considering each region currently has five champions, it’s possible that Targon will also have five while the other three are divided up among other existing regions.