Targon will be the new LoR region in the Call of the Mountain expansion

Targon will contain seven new champions.

Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain Targon Region
Image via Riot Games

Targon is set to be the new region in Legends of Runeterra for the upcoming Call of the Mountain set, Riot Games announced today.

A teaser trailer was dropped today that declared Targon the new region to arrive in LoR, along with a roadmap for the upcoming Call of the Mountain set that contains three expansion release dates.

Image via Riot Games

Scheduled to release on Aug. 26, Call of the Mountain will contain seven LoR champions—likely five within the Targon region—and 82 non-champion cards. A second expansion will then drop in October, containing three champions and 37 other cards. The final release of Call of the Mountain will take place in December, featuring another three champions and 37 non-champion cards. 

Riot previously announced a card release roadmap for LoR featuring a new expansion every six months with additional cards added every two months in between expansions. With the Call of the Mountain and Targon region reveal today, it’s now known that each set will contain three expansions that are broken up over the course of six months.  

With the Aug. 26 release of the Targon region, a ranked reset will take place in LoR. Call of the Mountain will also bring about new modes and a number of personalization cosmetics, in addition to 169 total cards spread out via three expansion drops.