Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.10: Full notes and updates

The first balance patch of CoM has arrived.

Legends of Runeterra Daybreak and Nightfall
Image via Riot Games

Following the release of Call of the Mountain in Legends of Runeterra, the first balance patch of the set will go live on Sept. 16

There was a three-week span between the launch of CoM and Patch 1.10 instead of the typical two-week difference. An extra week was added to provide the LoR team with “room to lock in more balance changes than usual for the first post-release patch.” Cross-shard friend challenges will also finally become available with Patch 1.10. 

Patch 1.10 includes several major changes to champions, along with followers and spells. There are updates to the Gauntlet and Lab modes, as well as Expedition balance changes. Live design lead Rubin Zoo also listed several adjustments to expect in LoR Patch 1.11, including changes to Aurelion Sol’s level up requirement, adding escalation to Hush’s repeatable cost, and hugs from Grandfather Rumul. 

Here are the full notes for LoR Patch 1.10.

Champion balance changes

Two LoR champions were targeted with balance changes in Patch 1.10: Ezreal and Lee Sin. An increase was added to the number of times an opponent has to be targeted to level Ezreal up, while Lee Sin was hit with a number of adjustments. 


  • Level up changed from “You’ve targeted enemies eight plus times to you’ve targeted enemies ten plus times.”

Lee Sin

Lee Sins Dragon’s Rage has been removed as the champion’s signature spell, replaced with Sonic Wave. 

  • Cost reduced from six to four.
  • Health reduced from six to four.
  • Level up changed from “You’ve cast seven-plus spells to you’ve cast eight-plus spells. 

Lee Sin (level two)

  • Cost reduced from six to four.
  • Health reduced from seven to five. 


A total of six LoR followers were either buffed or nerfed. 

War Chefs

  • Power reduced from two to one.

Overgrown Snapvine

  • Power increased from four to five. 

Crackshot Corsair

  • Health increased from one to two.

Jagged Taskmaster

  • Cost reduced from three to two.
  • Power reduced from four to three.
  • Health reduced from three to two.

Yordle Grifter

  • Text changed to “Allegiance: Nab one and create a [Warning Shot] in hand. 

Cygnus the Moonstalker

  • Power increased from four to five.
  • Health increased from two to three. 


Only one spell was adjusted in the LoR patch 1.10.

Flash of Brilliance

  • Cost reduced from four to three. 

Standard Gauntlet 

Standard Gauntlet is getting an upgrade in Patch 1.10 with the addition of a multi-deck pick and ban lobby. Similar to tournament setups, players can bring a total of three decks. But there are rules for how those decks are built.

  • No champions duplicated between decks.
  • Different region combinations for each deck.
  • Minimum of one champion-less deck.

Each player, when matched up, picks a deck to ban. Then you get to choose which of the other two you’d want to play. A full rundown of the updated LoR Standard Gauntlet can be found here.

Welcome to the Jungle Lab

Patch 1.10 will also contain a new lab. Welcome to the Jungle allows players to bring a constructed deck into a Lab. There’s an option to choose a preconstructed deck as well. Inspired from jungling in League of Legends, there are three concepts players will have to strategize around. 

  • Both players have Vulnerable, Immobile jungle monsters on their board.
  • Killing your opponent’s jungle monster grants you a powerful buff spell with your choice of potent effects.
  • Killing a jungle monster also spawns another in its place next round. But beware, as the new ones may be even stronger as the game goes on.

Expedition changes

For the first time since CoM released, a number of Expedition adjustments are taking place. Players can get a full rundown on every archetype here. In LoR Patch 1.10, CoM archetypes will appear half as much and the initial offering bonus will get completely removed in Patch 1.11. 

Bug fixes

  • The Empyrean and Dragonling (created by Eye of the Dragon) are now classified as a Dragon type.
  • Fixed an issue where Nightfall card VFX would take excessively long to complete when triggering Nightfall.
  • Fixed an issue where Taric would incorrectly gain level-up progress from targeting your Nexus or allies in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Hush would delay stun effects to the following turn.
  • Fixed an issue where Supernova would represent inaccurate results when using Oracle’s Eye.
  • Fixed an issue where Zenith Blade wouldn’t be revealed when drawn off its Daybreak effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon’s Rage, spells copied by Karma’s (Level two) effect, and Riptide Rex, weren’t correctly counting towards Ezreal’s level-up progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Chompers wasn’t being correctly buffed by Vision when both were simultaneously discarded.
  • Fixed an issue where Aurelion Sol (Level two) would reduce the cost of an opponent’s Celestial cards.
  • Various minor bugfixes applied to the deckbuilder and rewards panel.