Every Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.10 balance change

Changes may cause a shift in the meta.

Legends of Runeterra Lee Sin
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

The first balance patch of Call of the Mountain has arrived, containing a number of significant changes that will have an impact on the Legends of Runeterra meta. 

Patch 1.10 balance changes focus on the metagame as a whole, whereas Patch 1.11 will have more of a “Targon-specific tuning” once the LoR team has more time to observe and test. Players can expect two changes that will likely occur in the 1.11 balance patch, according to design lead Rubin Zoo: An adjustment toward Aurelion Sol’s level up and tweaks toward Hush’s repeatable cost.

Only two champions were adjusted in LoR Patch 1.10, while a total of six followers received changes. Expedition archetypes also got hit with a number of nerfs and buffs that can be found here

LoR champion nerfs and buffs

As promised with the launch of CoM, Ezreal has been slightly nerfed in Patch 1.10. And the underperforming Lee Sin has received several changes to potentially improve the one-punch champion in the LoR meta. 


  • Level up changed from “You’ve targeted enemies eight plus times to you’ve targeted enemies ten plus times.”

An increase to Ezreal’s level up isn’t the “end of the world,” but it could prevent the champion from being too overpowered in certain circumstances. It creates an “additional investment,” while forcing the player to often choose between “leveling up Ezreal’s quest or saving damage for the opponent’s Nexus,” according to Zoo. 

Lee Sin

  • Lee Sin’s Dragon’s Rage has been removed as the champions signature spell, replaced with Sonic Wave. 
  • Cost reduced from six to four.
  • Health reduced from six to four.
  • Level up changed from “You’ve cast seven-plus spells to you’ve cast eight-plus spells. 

Lee Sin (level two)

  • Cost reduced from six to four.
  • Health reduced from seven to five. 

Lee Sin has the potential to be a great champion in LoR but has instead earned a reputation as the “least played Rising Tides champion since his release,” according to Zoo. The rework on Lee Sin by the LoR team should allow him to have an impact during the early game while “making more sense alongside the double-casting archetype.”

The LoR team also changed Lee Sin’s spell due to Dragon’s Rage being a poor fit—it was often too slow and expensive to cast. By changing it to Sonic Wave, the team hopes it will “contribute more synergy to followers.”

LoR follower balance changes

A total of six LoR followers were either buffed or nerfed. 

War Chefs

  • Power reduced from two to one.

With the addition of so many support units via CoM, it was only a matter of time before War Chefs was nerfed. A staple in Demacia decks, the change should “allow more counterplay via blocking and rein in how consistently the card can create snowball wins.”

Overgrown Snapvine

  • Power increased from four to five. 

In an attempt to make Epic cards less of a meme and more playable, Overgrown Snapvine was given a simple power increase to “provide a significant usability and payoff upgrade.” 

Crackshot Corsair

  • Health increased from one to two.

The launch of CoM has reduced gameplay for followers like Crackshot Corsair. In an attempt to revive Bilgewater-based Aggro decks, her health was increased by one. 

Jagged Taskmaster

  • Cost reduced from three to two.
  • Power reduced from four to three.
  • Health reduced from three to two.

A buff was also applied to Jagged Taskmaster to increase his accessibility within Bilgewater decks while also allowing him to be “easier to utilize in its core decks.”

Yordle Grifter

  • Text changed to “Allegiance: Nab one and create a [Warning Shot] in hand. 

Creating a Warning Shot without Allegiance made it too easy for players to pop-off game-ending effects via followers like Riptide Rex. Now, players must hit Allegiance to receive that free Warning Shot in hand. 

Cygnus the Moonstalker

  • Power increased from four to five.
  • Health increased from two to three. 

Often not played in Nightfall decks due to poor stats, Cygnus the Moonstalker was given a buff in both power and health. 

LoR spell changes

Only one spell, Flash of Brilliance, was adjusted in LoR Patch 1.10. Reverting previous changes, the spell had its cost reduced from four to three. In an attempt to “restore the appeal” of interaction between Heimerdinger and Flash of Brilliance, the team reverted its casting cost to make it playable once again.