Every Expedition change coming with Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.10

Targon’s offering bonus is being slightly reduced.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s limited format, Expedition Mode, is getting another set of changes with the upcoming release of Patch 1.10. 

Following Call of the Mountain’s release, Riot increased the offering rate of the newer buckets so players could get their hands on the new Targon cards in the limited format. Besides the usual consistency buffs and nerfs to stronger and underperforming buckets respectively, Riot also plans on reducing this offering bonus to newer buckets in this patch. Despite this, the offering bonus is only halved, not removed entirely. It’ll be gone when the next patch drops two weeks from now, though.

In addition to adding and removing cards from varying buckets, the offering bonuses, both Wild Pick and Cohesiveness, have been adjusted to several archetypes. This changes how often you can see these buckets later in the draft if you’re not going for them at the start. Riot also said that Invoke-heavy archetypes are a little consistent right now, but the team said it can take more action if needed if Invoke cards still feel too strong after Targon’s offering rate reduction.

Here are all of the changes coming to Expedition mode in Patch 1.10:

  • Call of the Mountain archetypes will now be offered during the initial champion picks half as often as previously, or 50 percent more than normal for the duration of Patch 1.10. The offering bonus will be removed completely with Patch 1.11.


  • Added: Ravenous Butcher, Vile Feast
  • Removed: Mark of the Isles, Mist’s Call

Cloning Program

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to Medium from None

Collective Support

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from Low
  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Mountain Sojourners
  • Removed: Broadbacked Protector, Fledgling Stellacorn, Silent Shadowseer

Death’s Door

  • Added: Black Spear, Deadbloom Wanderer, Sump Dredger, Tri-beam Improbulator
  • Removed: Trueshot Barrage, Vile Feast


  • Added: Solari Soldier, Spacey Sketcher

Luminous Dusk

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to Medium from None
  • Added: Atrocity
  • Removed: Black Spear, Mountain Sojourners, Shroud of Darkness

Moonlit Heist

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from Low
  • Added: Chum the Waters, Prowling Cutthroat
  • Removed: Jailbreak, Shellshocker, Star Shepherd

Otherworldly Creatures

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from Low
  • Added: Ember Maiden, Startled Stomper, Take Heart, Yeti Yearling

Radiant Dawn

  • Added: Broadback Protector, Sunblessed Vigor
  • Removed: Moondreamer, Mountain Sojourners

Shadows and Dust

  • Removed: Barkbeast, Encroaching Shadows, Fading Memories

Suit Up

  • Added: The Tuskraider

Terrors from the Deep

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to High from Medium

The Black Mist

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Atrocity
  • Removed: Duskrider

You can practice all of these changes to the Expedition Mode when LoR Patch 1.10 drops tomorrow, Sept. 16.