Legends of Runeterra Landmark build-around spoiler revealed

Let the shenanigans begin.

Legends of Runeterra Targon Region
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games introduced another round of Legends of Runeterra Landmark spoilers today for the upcoming Mountains of Power expansion. 

Several powerful Landmark cards have already been revealed, including the new Star Spring that was spoiled today. Containing ongoing effects and abilities, answers for dealing with this new card type were slim—until the reveal of Divergent Paths today. 

Divergent Paths is a Fast spell that can either draw a Landmark card or destroy one. In a majority of Targon ladder and competitive builds, Divergent Paths is an auto-include. The spell brings Landmark decks together while also having the ability to tear them apart. Divergent Paths is a Fast spell that can interact with moves an opponent makes as opposed to Slow spells. 

Landmark cards take up space on a player’s board and often provide no value during the turn they were played on, but their long-term value may make them worth playing. Divergent Paths provides either the necessary removal to deal with the new card type or the ability to draw a Landmark for only three spell mana. 

The other card revealed today was Spring Guardian, a three-drop that creates a Spring Gifts in hand when summoned. His stats are solid at 3/3 and the healing provided by Spring Gifts synergizes with Star Spring and the self-damaging cards revealed on Oct. 5. 

It’s also possible that Noxus/Targon Vladimir builds may become worth playing thanks to the value contained within Spring Guardian. Players will have to wait until the release of MoP in LoR on Oct. 14, though, to test out these new cards.