How Evelynn and Husk tokens work in Legends of Runeterra

Cash in on randomly created keywords via Evelynn and her Agony's Embrace crew.

Image via Riot Games

The Origin Legends of Runeterra region as a new champion via Evelynn, slotting into a variety of archetypes with her Husk tokens and token-generating minions. 

First introduced into the digital card game during the Worldwalker expansion, Origin is a unique and eleventh region that showcases Legends of Runeterra champions who can include cards from multiple regions via specific deckbuilding restraints.

Evelynn Origin

Jhin and Bard were the first Origin champions with Jhin allowing any LoR cards that have skills into a deck while Bard was specific to Chimes. Evelynn is officially the third Origin champion, containing a package of support cards that summon Husk tokens.

How Evelynn and Husk tokens work in Legends of Runeterra

Evelynn is a four-cost 0/5 Legends of Runeterra champion with the Origin, Agony’s Embrace. Upon getting summoned, she summons a random Husk token. At the end of each round, Evelynn also summons a random Husk token. Similar to Kai’Sa, Evelynn powers up from keywords via her Husk tokens. When you, as the player, or an ally upon getting summoned destroy an allied Husk—Evelynn gains the tokens keyword or keywords, leveling her up for that round.

At the end of a round, Evelynn transforms back into her level one form unless six or more allies have died during that game. Upon leveling up, either temporarily or permanently, Evelynn’s baseline stats increase to 5/5 and she still summons a random Husk at the end of each round. Evelynn also has an impactful champion spell called Last Caress, stopping all enemy spells and skills from targeting her while she strikes a target enemy at Fast speed.

What is a Husk token?

The release of Forces from Beyond introduced a cycle of 10 Husk tokens that can get randomly generated by either Evelynn or her minion followers. Each Husk is from one of the 10 LoR regions and is represented by a positive keyword. Husks are Immobile and also have the Can’t Block keyword. Upon an ally getting played or summoned, the Husk automatically sacrifices itself and gives its positive keyword to that ally. 

Here are the 10 possible Husk tokens, their region, and positive keyword:

  • Fading Husk from Ionia: Elusive
  • Hardy Husk from Demacia: Tough
  • Thrashing Husk from Bilgewater: Overwhelm
  • Enraged Husk from Targon: Fury
  • Scattered Husk from Bandle City: Impact
  • Breakneck Husk from P&Z: Quick Attack
  • Desperate Husk from Noxus: Challenger
  • Stubborn Husk from Freljord: Regeneration
  • Warded Husk from Shurima: Spellshield
  • Haunted Husk from Shadow Isles: Fearsome

Evelynn’s Agony’s Embrace Origin package

Evelynn, her followers, and spells can produce Husk tokens. At the time of the Forces from Beyond launch, Evelynn has a total of five followers and two spells that can get included with her during deckbuilding. 


Each follower summons a Husk token upon getting summoned or played. 

  • Vora: Vora is a three-cost 3/2 in the Shadow Isles region.
  • Domination: Domination is a three-cost 2/1 in the Shurima region. She also grants a one-cost ally upon getting summoned +1/+0 stats.
  • Sultur: Sultur is a two-cost 1/3 in the Shadow Isles region.
  • Steem: Steem is a six-cost 6/5 with Scout in the Bilgewater region.
  • Solitude: Solitude is a five-cost 4/4 in P&Z. She also grants a random keyword to a one-cost ally upon it getting summoned. 


  • Allure: Allure is a two-cost Focus speed spell in Demacia that summons a random Husk token and grants it +1/+0 stats. 
  • Hate Spike: Hate Spike is a two-cost Shadow Isles spell at Fast speed that kills an ally to deal two damage to a unit while also summoning a random Husk token. 

Evelynn Legends of Ruentera decks

Evelynn is similar to Bard in that her support Origin package is limited, for now. Kai’Sa and Evelynn were intentionally designed to work together, creating powerful synergies via keywords that will likely remain a popular deck within the Legends of Runeterra meta for some time. But she can work in other builds as well and will likely share a tier list ranking with Bard once the Forces from Beyond meta settles down.  

Created by NicMakesPlays for the Forces from Beyond launch, Evelynn can solo as a champion in conjunction with the Shadow Isles and Shurima regions. Evelynn also pairs nicely with Lucian, as seen via day one gameplay from Elite4in1, giving the Demacian champion a slew of keywords that can win games. And content creators have even tested Evelynn with Poppy and Maokai

As the Legends of Runeterra Forces from Beyond meta continues to expand and settle, all playable Evelynn decks will get updated.