Here are the Legends of Runeterra 1.0 patch notes for Rising Tides

The Season of Plunder starts tomorrow.

Legends of Runeterra Bilgewater
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games released the first Legends of Runeterra patch notes today, revealing everything coming to the digital card game in its new expansion, Rising Tides

LoR is set to officially launch via PC on April 28 and on mobile worldwide by April 30, meaning the open beta for LoR has come to an end. 

Rising Tides

Riot is celebrating the official launch of LoR with the Rising Tides expansion. This includes the new region Bilgewater, over 120 cards, cosmetics, rewards, and much more. A full breakdown of everything you need to know about the Rising Tides expansion can be found here. 

New cards

Over 120 cards are being added to LoR with the Rising Tides expansion. This includes existing regions and 60 cards in the new Bilgewater region. Some of the cards were spoiled over the last couple of weeks, but not all of them. Riot has provided several trustworthy links to sites that contain every card being added to LoR

Official Rising Tides PC launch time

An update to LoR via PC will take place around 12pm CT on April 28. Players should be able to log in and play around the same time. Riot has recommended that open beta players wait until after the update to collect Weekly Vault rewards so that it includes Rising Tides cards. 

Mobile launch

In addition to the release of the Rising Tides expansion, Riot is launching LoR mobile worldwide via iOS and Android. Players can find the minimum mobile device requirements here

At approximately 12pm CT on April 28, Riot will distribute the mobile client to the App Store and Google Play Store. It may take anywhere from four to 48 hours, depending on where players live, for LoR to show up in the mobile store. By April 30, LoR will officially launch via mobile worldwide, according to Riot.

Mobile players aren’t required to use a Riot account via LoR on mobile, but it’s highly recommended for cross-platform play and to share account progress between PC and mobile. Mobile players without a Riot account won’t be able to get help with account recoveries from Riot. 

Free guardian reward

Riot is rewarding all open beta and new LoR players with a free Moonstruck Poro. Log in via PC or mobile by 1:59am CT on May 8.

Seven-day login rewards

All open beta and new players have an opportunity to earn some sweet rewards just by logging into LoR via PC or mobile. The rewards are broken up over the course of seven days and include champions, an Expedition token, a starter deck, capsule, and chest rewards. A full breakdown of the seven-day login rewards can be found here

  • Day one: Capsule
  • Day two: Expedition token
  • Day three: Golden chest
  • Day four: Commander Ledros card and two copies of the spell Atrocity
  • Day five: Champion capsule
  • Day six: Platinum chest
  • Day seven: Two copies of the champion Ashe, one Rimetusk Shaman, one Icy Yeti, two Icevale Archer, and two copies of Shatter
  • In conjunction with the rewards from day four and seven, along with cards earned via the Prologue Starter, players will earn the Freeze and Decay starter deck. 

Region reward updates

With the official launch of LoR and the addition of Bilgewater, all Region Roads have been extended from 20 to 25. New levels for existing open beta players will only drop Rising Tides cards. And once a region is completed, players earn a free regional cosmetic card back.

Starting with LoR patch 1.0, the first 12 levels of the original six regions will multiply XP applied toward them by 50 percent. This gives new players the chance to “catch up” to open beta players quicker and create multiple custom decks to compete on the ranked ladder. 


In addition to the regional reward card backs and the Moonstruck Poro, players have the option of also purchasing LoR cosmetics in the store. Within the 1.0 update, Riot is adding two guardians, one game board, 10 emotes, and three champion card backs. A full rundown, including prices of all the new Rising Tides cosmetics, can be found here

  • Two new guardians: Baley and Powder Monkey
  • Slaughter Docks Bilgewater-themed game board
  • 10 new emotes
  • Three new champion card backs: Jinx, Garen, and Yasuo

Customize cosmetics to decks

Players can now personalize every deck with customized emotes, guardians, game boards, and card backs. Riot has added a loadout preview and selector to the deck info panel in Play and Collection. 

  • Click on the icons to adjust a deck’s loadout—choices now customize options on a per-deck basis (rather than for all decks).
  • Expeditions also get their own loadout. Edit it once, and it will last until you next update it.
  • Newly created decks will start with the loadout of your last-played deck.
  • Decks created before patch 1.0 will be set to your last-used loadout from before the patch.

Ranked reset

With the launch of Rising Tides, the Season of Plunder begins. A full ranked reset will take place with the 1.0 update at around 11am CT on April 28. Open beta players will receive an icon based on their highest previous rank and drop several divisions to start the new season. 

  • Master accounts will drop 800 LP (eight divisions).
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750 LP (seven divisions + 50 LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675 LP (six divisions + 75 LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

Full board interaction upgrade

An update to full board interactions now allows players to choose which champion or follower gets Obliterated, giving players more control over full boards throughout a match. A full breakdown of the full board update can be found here


A slew of updates and eight new archetypes are being added to Expeditions in LoR. The eight archetypes include six that are paired between existing regions and Bilgewater, one for just Bilgewater, and a new bonus archetype featuring Jinx and Fizz. 

With patch 1.0, Rising Tides archetypes are likely to appear more often. Riot plans on balancing this out in a later patch. 

New player and AI tweaks

Several adjustments were made by Riot to improve the new player experience via challenges and AI Rising Tides decks. 

  • Added six new challenges based on Rising Tides keywords and mechanics.
  • New Rising Tides AI decks added.
  • Various AI decks adjusted.
  • Starter deck card lists, names, and art updated.
  • Various tweaks to the first few new player games vs the AI, such as guaranteed AI deck matchups, adjusted draws, and modified AI behavior.

Miscellaneous LoR 1.0 patch notes

  • Silverwing Scout renamed to Silverwing Diver.
  • Ezreal (level two) art flipped. For those who saw the Rising Tides previews, we also
  • flipped Maokai (both levels).
  • Quests adjusted for Rising Tides content.
  • Expedition Trade screen UX adjusted—the swap button will now always swap between options, while “Skip this trade” toggles to “Accept this trade.”
  • Fixed an issue where Epic Capsules from Expeditions rewards incorrectly displayed as an Epic Card (visual bug only, contents were correct).
  • In-game mail system added (for rewards distribution and other uses).
  • Player support can now fully migrate accounts with incorrectly assigned regions of
  • Residence.