Riot adds guardians, gameboards, emotes, and card backs in LoR Rising Tides release

Customize cosmetics for each deck.

Legends of Runeterra Heart of Fluff Poro
Image via Riot Games

A slew of new cosmetics was introduced by Riot Games today for the release of Rising Tides, the new Legends of Runeterra set.

Rising Tides, the new LoR set, celebrates the digital game’s official launch for PC on April 28 and for mobile by April 30. Included with the official release are two guardians, 10 emotes, one gameboard, seven regional card backs, and three champion card backs. 

LoR’s 1.0 patch also includes a pre-deck loadout that allows players to customize and save deck loadouts for cosmetics like boards, guardians, emotes, and more. Riot has added a loadout preview and selector to the deck info panel in Play and Collection. 

Here’s how to set up the new deck loadout in LoR:

  • Click on the icons to adjust a deck’s loadout—choices now customize options on a per-deck basis (rather than for all decks).
  • Expeditions also get their own loadout. Edit it once, and it will last until you next update it.
  • Newly created decks will start with the loadout of your last-played deck.
  • Decks created before Patch 1.0 will be set to your last-used loadout from before the patch.


Guardians can be purchased in the LoR store for 590 coins. Riot is also throwing in a free Moonstruck Poro guardian for all new and open beta players who log in by 1:59am CT on May 8.

Powder Monkey

The Powder Monkey is said to have a “cheeky” personality and enjoys playing Hot Potato. 


Baley is a cute omen of death with an innocent personality who enjoys starring contests.

Slaughter docks game board

Image via Riot Games

Fans of League lore will recognize the slaughter docks from Pyke’s origin story, where he worked prior to becoming “best harpooner a golden kraken could buy.”


Image via Riot Games

A total of 10 emotes are being added to LoR, available for purchase in the store for 190 coins each. Players can now customize their emotes, with the original six being added to everyone’s collection. 

Card backs

Image via Riot Games

A total of 10 card backs are being added to LoR with the Rising Tides set. Seven are regional and can be obtained by completing regional rewards. The other three card backs are champions Jinx, Garen, and Yasuo. Each champion card back can be found in the LoR store and is priced at 490 coins each.