Every special event in Legends of Runeterra The Saltwater Scourge Lab of Legends

There are multiple events in the newest Lab of Legends mode. Here are all of them.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.13.0 added a tremendous update to the Lab of Legends mode with a new roguelike experience, The Saltwater Scourge. The latest iteration for the single-player content added randomly generated map movement, a wealth of new encounters, and many more ways to boost the strength of your cards.

One type of node that you can run into is the “special” space, which is similar to Events from Slay the Spire. Special spots on the map usually affect you positively and give you rewards or other ways to improve your odds at winning a run.

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Special events are split up by their rarity and there can also be character-specific nodes. Here’s a list of every known event in The Saltwater Scourge and anything specific that you need to understand about them.

Common events

  • Salvage: Select a card and add two copies to your deck.
    • There isn’t anything outlandish about Salvage. The cards that you can add to your deck are randomly decided.
  • Reaver’s Row: Buy a card to add to your deck.
    • This event primarily focuses on giving you one-mana units with items on them.
  • Coral Creatures: Buy a card to add to your deck.
    • Similar to Reaver’s Row, the cards provided from Coral Creatures feature a specific type of cards: Landmarks. These cards will also have items.
  • The Slaughter Docks: Buy a card to add to your deck.
    • As with every other “purchase a card” special event, The Slaughter Docks offers you Sea Monsters and Lurkers with items.

Rare events

  • Smooth Soloist: Spend gold to buy a power.
    • You’re given three different choices between passive powers all with varying rarity. Common is worth 200 gold, Rare costs 300, and Epic is the most expensive at 400.
  • Golden Narwhal: You found a Golden Narwhal, you may capture it or let it free.
    • If you decide to capture it, you gain gold and add Golden Narwhal (with an item) to your deck. Alternatively, you may set it free to add an item to a card that’s already in your deck and gain 100 experience.
      • If the items provided on these cards aren’t good enough, it’s usually best to skip the rewards entirely.
  • Dreg Dredgers: Buy a card to add to deck. 
    • The cards provided from this event are given a nerfed item, usually cursed with increased mana costs, Fleeting, Ephemeral, or reduced stats. Despite the impaired iteration of cards provided, Dreg Dredgers can give you powerful uncollectible cards, like the Treasures from Shipwreck Hoarder.

Epic events

  • Mind Meld: Choose a card and cut all copies of it from your deck at the cost of life.
    • Mind Meld gives you the chance to destroy multiple cards in your starting deck with no limit as long as you have the health total for it. The initial cost starts off with one life and it doubles every time you use it. There’s no limit on the cost, so it can go up to costing 32 Nexus health.
  • Citrus Courier: Heal 50 percent of your max health or you may select a card (with an item) and add two copies to your deck).
    • Despite not being an official healing node, if you use the healing portion of this event, it will sabotage your chance at receiving an S Badge for Skill for the final score of completing a run.
  • Jack The Winner: You’ll need to pay Nexus health for this prize.
    • This special event looks at your current Nexus health and will provide you with a passive power if you’re willing to pay for half of your current (not maximum) life. This means to best optimize the use of this event, you should try to run into Jack when your health is lower so you can pay less.

Character-specific events

  • Bayou Brunch (Rare, Tahm Kench): Choose an item to give to Tahm Kench and his friend.
    • Even though the UI lets you choose a single card, both Tahm Kench and the randomly selected unit will receive the selected item.
  • Boxtopus (Common, Tahm Kench): Cut a card or add an item to a card for five health.
    • Unless you’re offered a powerful card with a broken item combination, it’s usually better to remove or skip this event.
  • The Syren (Rare, Miss Fortune): Select a card (the Syren) and add two copies to your deck.
    • You’re also given the choice between one of three items to place onto the Syren. Nomad’s Medallion is usually a strong option to consider since a five-mana Syren makes the card more playable.
  • Island Navigator (Epic, Miss Fortune): Choose a unit in your deck to give scout.
    • Miss Fortune has the chance to be given the Scout keyword in this special event. This can shatter runs wide open if she was randomly selected to be one of the three options.
  • Sleight of Hand (Rare, Twisted Fate): Add an item (Philosopher’s Stone) to a card in your deck.
    • The initial cost of this special event is 10 gold. But much like the Mind Meld event, there’s no limit to how many times you can add Philosopher’s Stone to a randomly selected card of three to your deck. But the cost doubles each time when used, so be sure not to get too greedy and use all of your gold on this event.
      • In addition, while adding cards that replace themselves with draw to your deck can help level up Twisted Fate, you still need to play them to cycle through your deck. Adding too many copies of a cycle card to your deck is still effectively bloating if you’re unable to play them in an encounter.
  • Yordle Grifter (Epic, Twisted Fate): Choose one reward. Between a power, a card with an Epic item, or gold.
    • While you’re often provided a common passive power, Yordle Grifter can give you a Rare or Epic passive power that can boost your effectiveness if you’re given a strong option. Despite this, if you don’t like the power or item, selecting 300 gold can help you attain an S in Wealth Badge if you’re trying to accrue 1,400 gold in one run.

You can try out Lab of Legends: The Saltwater Scourge for yourself and claim the character-specific icons since LoR Patch 2.13.0 is live.