Yuumi makes LCS debut—and Biofrost thinks she’s “insanely broken”

"I think Yuumi is really, really broken."

Image via Riot Games

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When she was first released, Yuumi boasted the worst winning percentage by a new champion, ever. It took a couple of quick buffs, including a hotfix, to make her viable.

But judging by recent results, Riot may have overshot the mark. High elo players and analysts have commented recently on how powerful she is. On the first day of the Summer Split, FunPlus Phoenix locked her in for a victory in the LPL. In the LCS, she just picked up her first North American win after support Vincent “Biofrost” Wang used her early power to snowball CLG to a victory over 100 Thieves.

Biofrost totally dominated the game. Afterward, he commented that it was in large part due to the power of the champion.

“I think Yuumi is really, really broken,” Biofrost said in a post-match interview. “If she gets ahead, she pretty much just destroys every lane. I think the only issue of Yuumi is that if you get behind, it’s really hard to come back because she doesn’t have good comeback material. But she’s insanely broken.”

Biofrost and CLG bot laner Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes did get ahead in the lane—they had constant priority with Biofrost finding both members of 100 Thieves’ duo lane with Yuumi Qs. 100 Thieves were able to reset and get a strong first buy, but CLG took double teleport back, negating much of that advantage.

With mid lane also pushing, the CLG duo were able to play very aggressively. CLG’s mid-jungle pair picked up first blood, but the bot lane got involved just a few minutes later:

From there, Biofrost took over the game. He had a hand in CLG’s next four kills, layering his CC perfectly with his team’s damage dealers. It was a snowball that 100 Thieves were powerless to start.

It seems that LCS teams are realizing how powerful Yuumi is. In the next game, Clutch Gaming actually banned her on blue side. If she’s as strong as Biofrost thinks, expect a lot more bans in the coming weeks.