You can get $200 Jhin gacha skin from regular LoL chests—but don’t tell Riot

You just have to be quick.

Jhin's new Dark Cosmic chroma.
Image via Riot Games

Remember Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin, a skin that’s actually a glorified chroma that Riot Games locked behind opening Cosmic 2023 Capsules? Well, you can get it, but without forking out absurd amounts of money.

Until Sept. 18, it was believed Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin could only come from Cosmic 2023 Capsules. But League of Legends streamer and content creator I Keep It Taco proved this wrong. Apparently, there’s a bug that allows you to get this Mythic Variant using a simple Hextech Chest and keys.

Unfortunately, the odds are not on your side with this one, and the drop rate is quite low. This streamer and Jhin main only had a 0.0003 percent chance to see Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin, and after 600+ chests and 50+ orbs, he was left empty-handed.

When asked about this bug by another content creator, MattyLoveGaming, I Keep It Taco said Riot made a mistake and that’s why you won’t find it in the Hextech Chest loot pool.

“So you won’t find it in the list. Riot probably screwed up somewhere in the coding and doesn’t realize it. I’ve had multiple cases where people got it from boxes,” he said. 

To (hopefully) get this skin via Hextech chests, you should open up as many as you have, especially if you’ve been saving them up for a special occasion. But the odds of you getting it via rerolls are close to zero. So stick to opening Hextech chests and maybe you’ll get lucky.

If you don’t want to abuse bugs, however, you can still get Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin by opening the limited-time-only capsules. The event won’t be running much longer because the next big patch, Patch 13.19, lands on Sept. 27 and is bringing the Cosmic event to a close. 

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