Will Arcane have a second season? When will Arcane’s second season release?

Can't get enough of Arcane? You aren't alone.

Screengrab via Netflix

League of Legends’ animated TV series, Arcane, wrapped up a thriller of a season, leaving fans to digest everything they’ve witnessed throughout the three acts.

Considering how gripping the show was, even waiting for the next episode release may have felt like years for some fans, making them wonder when the next season of Arcane would be available on Netflix—or if there would even be another season.

Even before Arcane launched, Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent said the company was “committed to Arcane for multiple seasons”. For the first three acts of the show, that was the main hope for fans who wanted a second season of Arcane.

Luckily for those eager to see their favorite characters back in action, Riot confirmed Arcane‘s second season was already in production on the same day the final act went live, giving fans a short wait until they could hear more about the fate of the show—and possibly a long hiatus between seasons.

When will Arcane’s second season release?

While Arcane‘s second season is confirmed, a release date for the next instalment of the show is unclear for the time being. Most TV shows and animated series often take a year-long break between their seasons, so following that rationale, Arcane could return in November 2022. There’s been no official announcement of a date and production schedules can change, however, so fans should wait for official infirmation about the second season before expecting a timeline.