When does Vex, League of Legends’ newest champion, release?

The Gloomist is making her debut this week.

Image via Riot Games

Vex, the first new yordle to grace Summoner’s Rift since Kled in 2016, is a fed-up, moody, and apathetic mid lane mage.

The stubby little champion was revealed during the Sentinels of Light event in July and will finally make her debut in League of Legends this week.

Vex has four abilities, including Doom ‘n Gloom (passive), Mistral Bolt (Q), Personal Space (W), Looming Darkness (E), and Shadow Surge (R). 

She’s annoyed by everything around her, especially if “it’s hyper, and peppy,” according to Riot. And her dark and angsty personality feeds into her kit. Her passive ability, for example, counters out dashes, which are perhaps one of the most “high-energy” and “annoying” things in League.

Vex’s shadow, which looms over her, also plays an important part in her skill set. Her ultimate is her shadow taking the wheel for a moment, letting loose, and inflicting as much damage as possible. 

“How it all fits together is pretty simple, enemies dashing around near her annoy her and empower her to do more damage, and then if they try to escape she can turn the tables and dash to them to continue taking out her annoyance on them until they’re dead,” Riot explained in a dev post. 

Vex is expected to hit the live servers on Thursday, Sept. 23 during League‘s Patch 11.19.

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