When does TFT’s Beta Pass V.3 end?

Round three of the Beta Pass is here.

Image via Riot Games

Round three of Teamfight Tactics’ Beta Pass arrived on the League of Legends live servers with Patch 9.20 yesterday, allowing fans to begin earning rewards for completing missions and playing matches.

Players will need to collect 4,000 experience points to unlock all the rewards included in the pass, such as the “Storm Rift” arena chroma, two new emotes, and three icons. Additionally, fans will also be able to earn a Set One Little Legends egg, which they can then open to unlock a variant of a one of the autobattler’s Little Legends.

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To earn experience points, players can complete a variety of missions every week. The missions range in difficulty; some of the missions require players to simply play a specific number of matches, while other requirements are designed to put players’ TFT skills to the test with more challenging objectives. At the start of each week, players will receive six missions, which will reset once the week is over.

Similarly, TFT‘s Orb of Enlightenment awards players with 70 experience points a day for simply logging in. Players who play five games after their initial login will be awarded 10 additional experience points per game, adding up to a total of 120 experience points earned outside of missions.

TFT fans will have a full five weeks to complete missions and unlock as many rewards as they can before the pass ends. The Beta Pass V.3 is scheduled to end with the release of Patch 9.22, which goes live Nov. 6.